Are you planning to hire the best wedding photography team in Chandigarh , Punjab & Delhi . The team have been awarded for Global & Service Buisness Excellence Awards 2013 ( The best wedding photographer in Delhi ) & Global Lifestyle Awards 2014 ( The best candid wedding photographer in India ) Amit & Tanu are having global clientle. They belive Wedding is the most special event of one's life.  D-Day?

It is not just clicking the pictures, it is about telling your story via photography. Any photographer can create snapshots but it is us, who work hard to breathe life into it.

Carrying the legacy of over 50 years in the art of photography, we go a step beyond clicking the clichéd smiling poses of the bride and groom. We make sure that we dig into those nitty-gritty details about your would-be that makes you smile, the way they hold you and give you goosebumps, the way they wrap their arms lovingly around you and we click these beautiful and candid moments for you to cherish for life.

We move ahead from wedding photojournalism to story- telling photography and give you modern and elegant photos that you will look back on years after your marriage as a reminder of the intensity of the love that brought you together on your special day.
As a team of husband and wife Amit & Taruna, we look forward to bring meaning to your marriage photographs. We make a memoir of every moment of your love story!