How to choose the right wedding photographer

While choosing a wedding photographer, there are many factors that need to be considered: You wouldn’t want to spend more and get average results, again you wouldn’t want to cut costs and then get less than average results; Bottom line, a good wedding photographer isn’t subjective to their pricing, but the ability to take the most beautiful photos.

Here are the factors  looked at before choosing the right photographer for your wedding:

1) Communication:

Most important thing in a photographer is how they communicate in the first meeting, because only then they can truly understand your requirements. Many photographers are too arrogant or clueless about their work, which poorly project’s on their work.

2) Past work:

It doesn’t take more than 10 photo’s to judge a photographer’s capability. If you think their style of photography matches your requirement then you have a winner.

3) Experience:

In today’s digital time there are so many photographers, but how do you judge if they are really worth it. A photographer’s total time in industry and their market reputation speak’s for itself, give weight-age to the photographer’s experience.

4) Delivery Time:

How fast can you get your wedding photos, video’s, prewedding shoot’s & highlight reel’s. Compare the timeline’s of your shortlisted photographer’s and choose accordingly.

5) Team Size:

How big a team does the photographer have, really effects the quality of work. A bigger team will cover the most area & will make sure to capture every memory. Your photos will be from more angles & bonus video footage is always a charm.

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